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Professionals with demonstrable experience applying large format vinyl wraps.

Senior care design specialists

You already provide design solutions that complement True Doors for long-term care homes in your area.


Your main work is guiding organisations that aim to provide better person-centred care.

Installers and Senior Care Design Specialists

We are looking for installers to partner with in:

  1. Australia - New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia
  2. Canada - Alberta and British Columbia
  3. France - Paris region, Nice and Cannes
  4. Germany - Nordrhein-Westfalen
  5. United States - All areas

We are looking for senior care design specialists who create spaces to help elders feel at home and engage meaningfully with their environment and serve customers in:

  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • United States
True Doors, Dignified Design and the Household Model of Aged Care

Person Centred Care Consultants

We'd like to work with person-centred consultants who help guide organisations through culture change programmes. In particular, people who have followed courses in dementia care design (such as during the online masters from Stirling University, Scotland), dementia care mapping (such as from Bradford University, England), and narrative care (such as by St Thomas University, New Brunswick, Canada).

People familiar with general household models, like Butterfly, Eden and Greenhouse, as well as consultants involved with Montessori and Planetree approaches, are also a good fit for supporting person-centred True Doors projects.

We're especially interested in working with people who can demonstrate this type of knowledge and skills and are based in the United States.

True Doors, Dignified Design and the Household Model of Aged Care

What do we offer?

A sense of fulfillment from improving elders' quality of life and fostering culture change in long-term care coupled with resources to help you ensure successful person centred projects and guidance as needed


Installers invoice homes directly for each project, we ask for a 5% finders fee. Up to 15% of revenue on each project introduced and supported by consultants, design specialists, and installers.

  • Revenue
  • Partner toolkit
  • Guidance


Complete the online application and we'll respond within 48 hours. To ensure expectations and commitments are clear upfront we will draft a partner agreement for you to sign.

  • Online application
  • Sign partner agreement
  • Online working