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Made-to-measure decals

True Doors ® are a simple idea with a big effect that improve the quality of life for people with dementia.

True Doors ® are made to measure decals with photos of actual doors. Residents at nursing homes select their own decals. As a result:

  • Residents recognise and find their own doors
  • Reminiscence and social interaction is stimulated
  • Facilities feel more like homes
  • Residents' identities and life stories are brought to the fore

Residents and family typically select True Doors ® from our online collection of 500 decals, the largest in the world.

Transform impersonal hallways into neighborhoods with homes.

Help people to recognize and find their own doors. Increase privacy and sense of safety. Stimulate reminiscence and social interaction. Help elders feel at home, and energize staff with a beautiful workplace.