We installed 14 True Doors at Bijsterstede Care Home in Tilburg, The Netherlands, in spring 2014. In the interviews, managers and residents talk about how True Doors helps residents transform their environment.

True Doors are made-to-measure stick-on-doors that personalise the anonymous, and make everyone feel truly comfortable and at home.

By changing one simple element of institutional architecture residents can conjure up memories with something old and familiar or choose something altogether novel and creative.

Anja Meeuwesen

‘The vision for care has recently changed…It’s great that in such a relatively simple way you can create a different picture. And that’s what we hear back from people that visit.’

Anja Meeuwesen, Manager de Bijsterstede care home, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Renee van Vroonhoven

Mr. te Boekhorst

'That's nice! I find these things amusing...the style in which the doors are made, the stickers are so fun. Real old fashioned doors.'

Mr. te Boekhorst, resident at de Bijsterstede care home, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Mr. Kloppers

'I find it (my True Door) very beautiful, it's as if you have your own front door...it was completely white in the beginning, and then you get that hospital feeling... (Now) Everyone thinks their own front door is the most beautiful.'

Mr. Kloppers, resident of de Bijsterstede care home, Tilburg, The Netherlands

Mr. van Meersbergen

'Yes! My old house (door) there was about the same...
I was about seven then, I think..'

Mr. van Meersbergen, resident, de Bijsterstede care home, Tilburg, The Netherlands

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