We are very fortunate to come together with our diverse backgrounds and complementary skills for this unique social project. We didn't invent doors. We just decided that they matter.

The team

Marieke van Diepen

I'm the creative director at True Doors. I’ve been working alone and with a multidisciplinary team to explore the subject of ‘feeling at home’ through my artwork for a few years now. True Doors, then called Opplakdeuren (Stick-on-Doors), was born during my final project at art academy in 2007.

Alongside True Doors I am involved in local regeneration and education projects in Amsterdam that use creativity to help people question and improve their local environment.

Rahzeb Choudhury

I'm the executive director at True Doors. There are two doors are from the places I’ve most felt at home. The first is the front door of my parents house where I grew up in Hackney, London, and second is the front door where my children are growing up in north Amsterdam.

I am the founder of Lifelong Inspiration, a platform for social projects and start ups. True Doors is a Lifelong Inspiration start up.

Karl Vassallo

I'm responsible for this website, truedoors.com. I’ve lived and worked in a few places now and pretty much feel at home everywhere. Guess I’m just lucky. True Doors are so practical. You make an anonymous thing personal. It's great!

In the last 10 years I've run my own 'slow cooking' restaurant in my native Malta, as well as worked in numerous digital consultancy roles in the Netherlands and Switzerland, which I continue to do alongside True Doors.

Marijn Voorhaar

I'm a researcher and project manager at True Doors. I was born in Amsterdam, but raised in a small village, so when I came back to the capital to study it took some time before it truly felt like 'home' to me.

Five years - and a few backpacking trips - later, I figure that many places can feel like home, when you are surrounded by the right people and being able to do what makes you happy.

The last couple of years I've been working with people with dementia, in a research setting, as well as in a more informal and fun setting. Improvement in quality of life for this group is one of my main interests.

Carolyne Taplin

I am the Australian and New Zealand consultant for True Doors, taking photos of doors from the Southern hemisphere to add to the collection and assisting care facilities with their True Door projects. I can make my home anywhere!

I was born in Fiji, spent most of my childhood in New Zealand’s North Island then as a young adult moved around New Zealand, often to remote rural communities - 13 different houses in 11 years. Five years ago I made the move to Australia.

Over 10 years ago my mother, Margaret, started to become confused and have difficulties with finding her way home - she was diagnosed with mixed dementia and I began my association with dementia friendly communities and culture change in assisted living facilities.

Working with the True Doors team enables me to combine my interests in community and photography while being supported by the knowledge and experience of the wider team.

The houses in central Victoria, where my husband and I live, reflect many eras and styles from grand Victorian to more humble miners cottages and as I travel to other states and territories there is so much more to discover about home and our Australasian stories.