We are a private, independent, and profitable social enterprise that has taken no outside funding to date. True Doors is an initiative of the Lifelong Inspiration team.

We didn't invent doors. We just decided that they matter.


Marieke van Diepen

Creative Director

I’ve been working alone and with a multidisciplinary team to explore the subject of ‘feeling at home’ through my artwork for many years now. My vision of the product True Doors, then called Opplakdeuren (Stick-on-Doors), was born during my final project at art academy in 2007.

We founded True Doors in 2014 when, as a team, we realised the importance of focusing on improving the lives of people with dementia and other vulnerable people.

I am responsible for our collection, production and relationships in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Rahzeb Choudhury

Executive Director

I am the founder of Lifelong Inspiration, of which True Doors is an ongoing initiative. In 2014 we began working on what seemed to be a one off social project. One thing has led to another and now I find myself as a member of a growing international team and projects completed in fifteen countries and counting.

I take overall responsibility for our service, with a focus on growing our international presence.

There are two doors where I’ve most felt at home. The first is the front door of my parents house where I grew up in London and second is the front door where my children are growing up in Amsterdam.

Karl Vassallo

Operations Director

My focus is ensuring we run a highly efficient operation that's also great to work at and with.

In the last 10 years I've owned and run a slow cooking restaurant in my native Malta, as well as worked in numerous digital consultancy roles in the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Vinod Sudharshan

Technology Director

To grow we need technology that's scaleable, reliable and fun to use. That's where I come in.

I was fortunate enough to be involved in community service in my native Sri Lanka through Rotary International for 7 years. Developing IT solutions is my passion and it's what I've been doing since moving to the Netherlands in 2010. I'm thrilled that through True Doors I can do what I do best, which is IT, while getting involved again in work that benefits society.


Australia and New Zealand

Carolyne Taplin

Culture Change Consultant

I'm responsible for supporting care facilities with True Doors projects. Along side helping True Doors, I'm a facilitator for Dementia Australia, the national peak body, representing people living with dementia, their families and supporters while focusing on person-centred care. I am also an Eden Associate.

Over 10 years ago my mother, Margaret, started to become confused and have difficulties with finding her way home - she was diagnosed with mixed dementia and I began my association with dementia friendly communities and culture change in assisted living facilities.

Atlantic Region, Canada, Pioneer Network and Planetree

Person Centred Universe

Our Mission is to empower aging communities through education and mentoring, in order to strengthen the Person Centred values in care. Our vision is simple, we believe in a better world for those affected by dementia.

As care providers, we want to be sure that we have the best tools to provide quality of care for our loved ones and those who we care for, however we also understand it can be hard to access education and understand what tools we need. Our services develop our clients, so they have the tools and resources to provide quality care for those living with dementia. Care providers who feel validated in their approaches, individuals living with dementia who feel more fulfilled, and in turn, a more inclusive, person centred space for those living with dementia.

We are a company who believes that individuals living with dementia and their care partners can and should live well and live inclusively in their existing communities.


The Netherlands

About YOU Architecture

The wellbeing of people with dementia is strongly influenced by their direct physical environment. About YOU Architectuur specialises in designing interiors that fit the needs of people with dementia. True Doors are a simple and powerful tool for creating personalised spaces that help people with dementia feel more at home in nursing homes.

Interested in partnering?

True Doors is able to flourish because we do what we do "so well", the effectiveness of results and the like minded people we connect with on our journey. If you love the True Doors idea and have knowledge of the long term health space in your locality, please feel welcome to get in touch about our partnership program by reaching out to Rahzeb Choudhury via home@truedoors.com.