To prepare a door you need:

  • Screw driver
  • Perhaps allen keys to remove the door handle
  • Cloths/rags

To stick a True Door you need:

  • Sharp stanley knife
  • A window wiper
  • A plant sprayer with a few drops of washing up liquid (shake well)
  • Dish cloths
  • A squeegee that is supplied with True Doors

Watch this video if you are not sure what we mean.

The door must be indoors and a flat surface. If needed use a medium-grained sandpaper to ensure smoothness. Remove the door handle. Clean the door with soap and water.

Watch this video if you are unsure what we mean.

Watch this video to see how to stick up a True Door. You should expect to take 30-60 minutes to stick the door. Take care at the beginning to make sure you stick your True Door straight. Pay attention to how in the video Marieke gets rid of air bubbles as she is sticking the door. Treat with care for the first 24 hours before the True Door is firmly glued.

Watch the video below to see how to remove air bubbles.

If you notice a bubble after the True Door has been applied. Simply take a thumbtack or needle and poke the bubbled area a couple of times, then smooth it out with your hands.

You will most likely need to cut off edges from your True Door, as doors don't have the exact same length in width from top to bottom or height from right to left side. Watch this video to see how you cut off extra edges.

The video below gives a light-hearted response to the question. True Doors are actually very durable so long as they are used indoors. Treat them in the same way you would a painted door and they will give you pleasure for years. Take a look at the community section to see feedback from customers over the years.

It's very easy - use regular washing up liquid in water and wash with a soft cloth.

Watch this video if you are not sure what we mean.

Once you make order we contact you to get the exact measurements of your door and learn which side of the door the handle is.

Your order is then processed. In the Netherlands and Europe expect delivery in two weeks. In other parts of the world delivery can take up to 4 weeks. We give you a track and trace code so that you can follow the journey.

Write to us at to let us know about your True Doors story!