This group of people are the reason Nazareth are consistently one of the best homes in the United States and their innovative compassion has allowed Charity Court, their memory care program, to be the program of distinction for Nazareth Home and also the most desired program by the community at-large.

Two key contributions to the True Doors project came from Tiffany Terriaco, Assistant Director of Nursing, and Lakin Louiso, Charity Court’s Program Director.

From time-to-time we hear back about dramatic improvement in someone’s quality of life after their True Door has been placed. The whole True Doors team was moved to hear from Tiffany about the effect of True Doors for one elder:

Happy elders with their True Doors
Happy elders with their True Doors

True Doors are by no means the only compassionate idea that Nazareth Home are putting into practice.

We were energised to hear about their work with Feet to the Fire Writer' Workshops® where elders are supported in documenting their life stories.

You may know that True Doors started out as life story project; our tagline: "The story behind the door" still refers to this. It feels like we are working with soulmates.

Prepare to be inspired by touching, powerful and important Feet to the Fire Writer' Workshops® in this video. Happy viewing!