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Inspiring bloggers with dementia

If you are caring for a loved one with dementia reading blogs dedicated to Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia can help you to better understand people what your loved one is experiencing.

Inspiration by True Doors and Lifelong Inspiration

Many carers and health professionals write about their experiences with dementia. Yet, there’s nothing quite like learning about dementia from those who get it like no other gets it. Check out these three bloggers who have all been diagnosed with dementia themselves.

Wendy Mitchell

Wendy Mitchell - 59yrs young and living as well as I can with Alzheimers…. Wendy Mitchell was diagnosed with dementia in July 2014.

She had never used social media before, but felt like having dementia was like the start of a new chapter in life. So why not start a blog?

In the first instance, Wendy wanted to write down her thoughts and feelings before she would lose them. It served as her memory. Now she is hoping to convey the helplessness of people with dementia and raise awareness about the disease.

Her message: People with dementia still have a substantial contribution to make. They still have feelings and a sense of humor. Living well with dementia is possible, it’s all about adapting your life.

Wendy’s blog is “Which me am I today?

Kate Swaffer

Kate Swaffer is a poet, author, activist and academic. At the age of 49 she was diagnosed with young onset dementia. Eight years later, Kate has become an internationally recognised advocate and speaker for people with dementia.

She writes her blog to stay inspired and to share her thoughts. They remind her of who she really is. It is Kate’s way of staying connected with herself and the rest of the world. Initially, Kate felt like the diagnosis of dementia ‘sucked out her soul’.

However, it has now become one of the greatest gifts of her life. She says: “It has given me clarity about what family and friendship really means, and about living life as if there really is no tomorrow. Dementia has taught me to be grateful for what I have and for the people who have stuck by me.”

Kate’s blog is “Creating life with words: Inspiration, love and truth.

Mick Carmody

Mick Carmody from Brisbane, Australia, has frontotemporal dementia. At first, the diagnosis made him feel hopeless and depressed. Then he joined a Dementia Alliance International Online Support Group, which changed his perspective on the disease.

Nowadays, Mick is an advocate for people living with dementia and their basic human rights. He facilitates more than eight support groups around the world. After the diagnosis, Mick found a new hobby in writing poetry.

On his blog, he writes poems of his experience of living with dementia and the love for his family. Even though his dementia progresses, he is still positive and excited about living. He is convinced that people with dementia can still have meaningful lives.

We hope you take inspiration from Wendy, Kate and Mick’s heartwarming perspectives. Please let us know if you come across other bloggers with dementia that inspire you in someway!