Family and friends of the residents think the doors are wonderful. Residents really feel at home now.

- Nurse at De Waalboog Verpleeghuis Joachim en Anna in Nijmegen

It made me think of Picasso..

Mw. Eichhorn - Resident at Pieter van Foreest Weidevogelhof in Pijnacker

I've had a wonderful time, living on ... street. Now I live here, I miss the feeling I had there. My old place really felt like home. I love to have my old front door again.

Mw. Roodenburg - Resident at Pieter van Foreest Weidevogelhof in Pijnacker

I lived behind that door for 30 years. From when I was one. I was a really naughty there! At age 84, I returned the front door key, because another family member has lived in that house as well. So for 83 years, I owned that key. The front door name plate was made by my father. We had a copper door bell that we often polished.. and the tiny window above the door, we had to clean that too. Boy, did I have to clean that one!

Mw. van der Kooy - Resident at Pieter van Foreest Weidevogelhof in Pijnacker

The true doors give residents more privacy and freedom. Nobody comes in, when their doors are closed. It seems like the residents feel more at ease. It's their home; it's part of who they are.

D. Arnoldus - Nurse at Topaz Overryhn in Leiden
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For some of the residents, it's easier now to recognise their own door. Some say it feels more like "home". There are days when they say they are proud of their doors. They talk about about how pretty the doors are.

- Nurse at Stichting Elisabeth in Breda

My husband knows it's his room now. Thanks to the true door.

- Partner at Woonzorggroep Samen Noorderlicht in Hippolytushoef
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The dark blue true door creates a beautiful passageway to my mother's room. It looks great I think!

Corne Balemans - A family member of a resident at Stichting Elisabeth in Breda

My father was a builder, that's why this wooden door got my attention. And I really like the window. My family and I are very creative people, we all love crafts and needlework. I think it is important to stay active, especially when you are my age (95 years). The wreath on my front door is made by myself from old bicycle tubes. I also have a wreath made of sandwich bags, that one is for Easter. I really gave my door a personal touch.

Mw. Arkesteijn - Resident at Pieter van Foreest Weidevogelhof in Pijnacker

The true doors helps residents with their orientation. They reminisce often and talk about the doors from their past. The true doors stand out and sometimes lead to conversations between residents, family members and the nursing staff.

- Nurse at Hof en Heim Zorgcentrum Suderigge in Lemmer