Person-centered care for people with dementia

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Person-centered care for dementia means that in addition to good physical care, attention is given to people continuing to engage in positive interactions and experiencing well-being in their lives.

It is proven that a person-focused approach to care helps people with dementia to function better for longer. Research has shown that the positive impact is not just limited to residents with dementia, but also the well-being of family members and care providers. The result is an improvement in the overall quality of care.

The process of undertaking a True Doors project, the presence of the True Doors themselves and the interactions that can happen thereafter, all support the delivery of person-centered care. True doors help ensure a personalised living environment in care facilities where residents’ identities are central.

If an assisted living facility aims to achieve person-centred care with a True Doors project, as much as possible, they ask residents to choose the decals.

When care providers work together with relatives and the person with dementia to find the most suitable door, they learn more about and strengthen relationships with residents.

The more that care providers know about the background (history, personality, likes and dislikes) of residents, the more genuinely personalized care they can provide.


In stark contrast to previously sterile and anonymous hallways, when the True Doors are in place residents tend to recognise their front doors, find their way more easily and consequently feel more at home.

A resident finds her way more easily and consequently feel more at home

Privacy and sense of safety

With True Doors in place, it is less likely that people will walk into the wrong room. There is a greater chance that others will knock before they come in. The result is more privacy and a greater sense of safety.

A resident finds a True Door provides privacy and a sense of safety

True doors can stimulate reminiscence

A door from the past or a similar looking decal from our extensive collection motivates people to tell stories about their past. A simple tool to help strike up a conversation.

A resident in conversation with a staff member about his new True Door.

Social interaction is stimulated

True doors are a piece of everyday art. People often talk about, enjoy and are proud of their True Doors.

Two residents striking a conversation about their new True Door

Learn more about person-centered care

This touching video by Dementia Action Alliance shows the lives of 5 people living with dementia and how person-centered care helps them to live meaningful lives.

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