How to realise a True Doors project

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We've found that each project is a little different from others, so there isn’t a “one size fit all” project approach. While we provide guidance and resources to support every step of the process in any particular project, these are three pieces of advice that are important to follow for the best results.

Start small
Begin with a small pilot, such as for one section within your assisted living facility. You can then assess the value of the True Doors first-hand before deciding whether to begin a larger-scale transformation.

Give residents their voice
It is important that the residents themselves are involved in selecting their doors. Their True Doors should mean something to them. It may simply be that they find a decal beautiful.

Take the time to make it as valuable as possible
Appoint a coordinator to take responsibility for the project. Ensure she/he is given sufficient time to work on the project. If at all possible involve family members when trying to shortlist doors for residents.

Be patient and take your time when involving residents in choosing their True Doors. It may take a few attempts before someone clearly picks out a door from a shortlist of options. That process has value in and of itself.

You may find it helpful to already orient on the wide range of True Doors in our extensive collection, as people often find decals comparable to the doors they would like. If you would like to know about cost, the process and product, please get in touch with us via the contact form.

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