Een overvloed aan innovaties op de 10e International Conference for Nurse Practitioner / Advanced Practice Nursing

In samenwerking met het Ministerie van VWS organiseerde De Zorginnovatiewinkel een Innovation Plaza tijdens het NPAPN 2018 (International Conference for Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nursing) in Rotterdam. … Read More

An abundance of Innovations at the 10th International Conference for Nurse Practitioner/Advanced Practice Nursing

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Together with the Dutch Ministry of Health the team of the Zorginnovatiewinkel organized an Innovation Plaza. They were focusing on the three conference themes: the changing position of nurses, leadership in transformation of health care and interprofessional collaboration between nursing specialists. … Read More

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How personalising interiors improves the lives of people with dementia

Complimentary report with simple, yet powerful, ideas to help people with dementia, looking at 35 years of research findings from around the world.